GMP – AMS data management

AMS (animal management services) is a service provided by GMP for the management of livestock, wildlife, companion animals and exotic animals.

GMP – AMS agents are appointed across the country in various service regions.

The service provides data capture of producers animal details on their GMPBasic profile through the regional GMP – AMS agent.

The service is charged at a cost effective fee per head per month per year.
It is an effective way for cattle owners to have their animal information managed in an orderly manner.

In comparison to a secretarial fee of R5,000 – R9,000 per month or
R60,000 – R108,000 per year for a secretarial service.
The GMP – AMS services cost a fraction of the price.

A 100 head herd as an example would cost approximately R8,400 per year to be managed by a GMP – AMS agent. That is approximately R700 per month.

Contact GMP – AMS to set up a meeting with one of our agents.
Rachelle: 083 630 7181   OR  Johan: 083 263 3471