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The initial work is still done out in the field, next to a pen and race system

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1994 – 2021



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”The Trojan Heifer, is the best way to describe the brucellosis infected bovine heifer. They generally don’t test positive until 2 months post calving.”

When the brucella bacteria is ingested by the susceptible cattle, they pass down the oesophagus into the rumen, the stomach and small intestine. The bacteria are then ‘consumed, tackled and destroyed’ by the white bloid cells, and the lymphatic immune system.

The brucella bacteria likes to target body cells and to penetrate them. In this manner the bacteria can remain well hidden from the immune system. In this way the very slow replicating bacteria can double up in the cell, burst out of the cell and seek to penetrate a new body cell.

Some bacteria become entrapped, ensnared, and deactivated. Not all bacteria are neutralised by the immune system and continue slowly with their survival and multiplication. The bacteria ‘hides’ in the bovine body as did the soldiers in the Helen of Troy story the ‘TROJAN HORSE’



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So, why do we have reddish colours in our site?

We feel that this disease needs to have a ‘Red flag’ awareness status and so the theme colours for this site are the red colour variations you will experience herein.