GMP Traceability Management Software has taken the initiative and lead to empower livestock producers (cattle, sheep, goats etc) and game producers (sables, buffalo etc) to make use of the GMP (good management protocols)system and the program’s herd disease test verification.

Learn more about the association with PathCare to facilitate your brucellosis testing and quicker result provision.

Join forces with your local producers to speed up the implementation of this system to each others mutual benefit.

Brucella tested photo / pdf document:

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Brucella testing solution provided by GMP & PathCare Veterinary Laboratory

Participating Producers

This page lists the producers who are participating in the GMP brucellatested program. All participants listed have their animals recorded into the GMPBasic(R) system identification and on farm software. Participation to the program is voluntary.

Participants owners are listed in two categories:

A. Participating herd owners
B. Herds tested for Brucellosis

Red O Yellow  O Green

This ‘traffic signal color’ flagging will be elaborated upon as the program continues to evolve.

A. Participating herd owners
Herd owners enroll their herds onto the system.
This entails setting up a Windows based operating system; GMPBasic animal management application on their windows computers, desktop, pc or windows tablet

The next step is the issuing of the ear tags to each specific user from the system. This already indicates to whom the original tag belongs which is applied to the animal at first stage of identification tagging. The ear tags comply to a set of ICAR approved rules and the GMP Traceability solution rules. All these rules are to ‘protect’ each participant, upstream or downstream in the system.

B. Herds tested for Brucellosis
The DAFF and GMP protocols and the year of their first negative tests are applied in this brucellosis management system.

GMP traceability have taken the lead in Africa with this format to provide a commercial site with commercial responsive times !!!

Refer your consulting veterinarian to us in order for us to assist you in providing them with guidance as to what is required from them for your herd to qualify to be on this platform.

The negative herd tests are reflected with the year of successful testing and subsequent maintenance test status.

Positive test results are not reflected on this section, though we have full access and reporting available of this should the owner wish to allow another user access. This is then authorized by such owner, allowing GMP to share such information with the enquirer. GMP applies a high level of data security and confidentiality.

There are a number of exciting things planned with this program which will be to the benefit of the participating producers, be sure to check in regularly regarding progress on this matter.

We look forward to seeing your name and that of your consulting veterinary practice in this growing list of brucella tested animals.

You are either on the list OR NOT
Join the benchmark of brucella testing in Africa!

2017 Participating Producers :

Dr SD Ferreira – Bultfontein, Free State
Mr D Ehlers – Baltimore, Limpopo
Mr P Fourie – Baltimore, Limpopo
Mr P Fourie – Roedtan, Limpopo

Costs are available from GMP Traceability soloutions:

Brucellosis Tested – Cattle


Tested Herds – Final Negative criteria:

Negative tested herds are listed as from September 2017
All herd tests reflecting a ‘negative’ herd status are reflected here:

A. Brucella abortus (cattle brucellosis)

B. Brucella mellitensis (goats, sheep & sable brucellosis)

Dr SD Ferreira – Bultfontein, Free State          2011
                                                                                                        2015 (Test1)
                                                                                                        2015 (Test2)
                                                                                                        2015 (Test3)

Mr Pieter Fourie, Baltimore, Limpopo              2017

2017 (Test1)

2017 (Test2)


GMP utilizes best practice standards for data entry and data validation.

This is applicable to the animal production managed on the system.

All the owners of animals, cattle, sheep, wildlife that are tested for brucella organisms are voluntary participants. Therefor they provide us with authorization to display their information according to specific criteria.

No personal information of owners will be displayed that can jeopardise their information safety.

The site is to provide a database of animals that have been tested and for animals tested to be negative of the specific disease.

Positively tested animals are not available for viewership.
The system automatically manages all negative/positive animals in the ‘backend’. It notifies the relevant owner or dispatch location of the animals test results.


Whether you want to discuss the process, costing, work flow plan please give us a call.

This is a page with some basic contact information, such as an address and phone number will be sent to GMP Traceability who will contact you to get you started on the path to a negative tested herd.